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Pharma Freight Shipments Prompt Temperature-Controlled Containers

30032241 - stack of cargo containers at the docks
stack of cargo containers at the docks

If there is such a thing as “perfect cargo,” it’s likely that many airfreight carriers would describe pharmaceutical shipments as such. With typical shipments being lighter in weight but generally higher in volume, and requiring speedy, hygienic, and high-priority transportation, pharmaceutical cargo has the potential to bring airfreight companies a lot of valuable business. With pharmaceutical traffic growing both in volume and profit potential in recent years, airlines and their partners have become very receptive to the specific needs of this industry.

Custom Containers

Pharmaceutical shipments can include a vast array of products, typically with very different shipping requirements. With some products being quite time and temperature-sensitive, specially-tailored products and services are often required to ensure they reach their intended destination safely, securely, and in perfect condition. In response to this increased demand for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, the airfreight industry has been hard at work to create temperature-controlled containers. These containers for cargo allow them to transport this sensitive cargo in accordance with industry regulations.

Companies who provide temperature-controlled containers like Norcal shipping containers and priority shipping services are rewarded with a sizable share of this very desirable market. After launching its Cool Chain product two years ago, Virgin Atlantic Cargo has more than doubled its share of the pharmaceutical market and is currently positioning itself for further growth. The airline even leases its containers upon request, providing further value to their customers.

Powerful Partnerships

Beyond developing new temperature-controlled containers, airfreight industry leaders are also working to expand their services in order to enhance existing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. Because many pharmaceutical shipments are time-sensitive, some airfreight companies have launched special services that give these types of shipments top-priority. By giving these items priority access to capacity, airfreight companies are able to provide their customers with additional assurance that products will reach their destination safely and on time.

With the pharmaceutical market growing rapidly, and showing no signs of slowing down, there are plenty of opportunities for air freight carriers to tap into this success. The key to establishing these partnerships is to provide specially-tailored services, and looking for ways to be nimble and responsive in order to meet ever-changing industry demands.

Through the development of temperature-controlled containers, and by expanding their services, airfreight carriers have been able to form valuable partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry. The benefits of these partnerships extend both ways, with airfreight carriers securing new customers and pharmaceutical companies receiving vital services that allow them to grow.

What should be the perfect forklift like?

Forklifts were designed for the safe movement of oversize cargo. Due to the fact that there is no need to move long loads at high altitudes, the loaders are much more resistant. Integrated platform with the low location of the center of gravity should provide stability. The forklifts should be tested for compliance with the Machinery Directive CE and complies with ANSI / AMSE, B56.1What should be the perfect forklift like

Through the use of modern patented technology the nice forklifts, for example Combilift, should be equipped with unique 4-way control system of wheels that allows the forklift to move laterally during transportation of long loads.

This system allows the user to move in all directions, which brings the potential savings space up to 100%.

The best forklift should be able to eliminate the need for multiple procedures for loading / unloading of materials, since it can be easily maneuvered through the passages having a width less than the width of the cargo. This reduces the risk of damage to the cargo, transportation is safer, as well as eliminating the need for an excessively large passages or conveyors.

The forklifts, for example like Combilift forklifts with equal efficiency work indoors and outdoors. Are available models with gas, diesel or electric motors of alternating current, are not required to use an external forklift and forklift for the room.

Good forklifts give you the ability to work indoors and outdoors, as well as the ability to replace other types of forklifts to simplify the procedure for loading and unloading of materials at the warehouse, next to the warehouse. This eliminates the need double loading and increases the speed of execution of works, which, combined with the ability to operate in narrow aisles significantly increases productivity.

Nice forklifts are equipped with a variety of features and components that provide comfort to its operator, for example, the seat suspension and cab with excellent visibility. Ability to install hydraulic fork positioners and telescopic forks also allows you to work with loads of different sizes quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing the load on the hands. Easy access to various sets makes every forklift very easy to maintain.

The good forklift should have the possibility of lateral movement with a long cargo, which is located on the platform, excellent maneuverability in confined spaces and the exact location of goods greatly reduces the risk of damaging the material.

The forklifts should be designed to work in harsh conditions and therefore, despite the fact that they were developed with the full compliance of the requirements of users in their creation are not used sensitive electronic components and it provides increased reliability and durability.

The increase in tonnage warehouses to 100% reduces fleet, emissions volumes, cycle time and costs for transportation and storage of materials.

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Tips to choose used forklifts of a good quality

Tips to choose used forklifts of a good qualityThe main technical parameters based on which performed the selection of a forklift, both new and used, are: carrying capacity, lift height, type of engine (electric, diesel, gasoline, gas) and the construction of load-lifting mast (two-, three-section, or with free lift). Less important parameters considered the transmission type (automatic, manual), the type of tires (pneumatic, Solid), dimensions, fork length, the number of spool valves, as well as additional options.

It is necessary to take into account the operating conditions: how long and how intensively will work the used forklifts trucks during the day, indoors or in the open air operations will be conducted, what is the transport route and the path length, width directions, sizes of shelving, is there climbs and twists on the road, ramps, hills, and so on. And of course, the residual life is very important for used forklifts. It should take into account such things as ease and cost of maintenance and repair.

Today, many companies offer equipment that has passed the so-called pre-training, repair, recovery, recycling, and then it becomes difficult to judge its real condition. In appearance, these used forklifts can differ little from the new which can not be said about their “stuffing.” Therefore, buying used forklifts, the user always has the legitimate questions and doubts: What is deterioration of used diesel, gasoline or electric forklifts?

In trucks with the internal combustion engine, subject to timely maintenance wear occurs uniformly in all systems, including the engine. It must be borne in mind that the life of the diesel engine is higher than gasoline. Therefore, with the same wear of diesel and gasoline truck should pay attention at first. However, the maintenance cost of diesel and its possible repair is much higher than the gasoline engine. For example, replacement or repair of the fuel injection pump will cost something about 1 thousand USD.

If a replacement of jet in the carburetor of gasoline engine will cost about 50 USD, the purchase of a new carburetor will cost about 500 USD. In addition, a good specialist for diesel engines is not easy to find – it is a success for any company. In the end, it all depends on whether the customer needs a larger share of diesel compared with petrol, if it has access to Local and whether there is a presence of personnel able to maintain, if not, then at least competently operate the diesel forklift. In addition to the above it is necessary to take into account the following items: if on the gasoline-powered truck originally was the gas equipment, then it is likely that the residual life of the engine is more than a petrol engine. This is due to the peculiarities of the engine Gas & gasoline mixture.

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Tips in Choosing the Best Conveyor Chain for Your Industry

If you are doing an industry, then you will surely notice that a conveyor is one of the most important things that you need to have. That is because the conveyor is considered as the main thing that will keep everything moving. Therefore, choosing the best Conveyor Chain in an industry is considered as one thing that you need to do. If you want to get the new chain for the conveyor, then you might want to try some of these tips first.

 Tips in Choosing the Best Conveyor Chain for Your Industry

The first one is to choose the conveyor that has the strength. If you are choosing the strong material for the conveyor, you can simply say that you will get the chain that will last longer for your conveyor. Therefore, you will not need to buy another conveyor soon. The second one is to choose the kind of conveyor that has the smooth movement and also quite noise for the operation. This might be something that you think is not necessary. However, if you can find the conveyor that chain process is smooth and does not produce the nosy noise, you will notice that this is the kind of conveyor that will help you work better as a team in the factory.

The last one is to pick the kind of conveyor that will not cost you a lot of money for the maintenance. It will be better to pay for the considerably expensive money for buying the conveyor and get the cheap maintenance rather than to buy the cheap conveyor and pay more for the maintenance. That is the maintenance is done very frequently and if you need to pay a lot of money for the maintenance, then you can say that you are producing nothing from the industry. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing the best chain for your conveyor.