Marketing Insights from the 2016 Presidential Election

Marketing Insights from the 2016 Presidential Election

Regardless of the type of business you’re trying to start, one of the most important elements is marketing. Putting a great product or service out into the world should always be your biggest priority, but if you don’t have customers who know about it, you ultimately won’t find the success you’re after.

Luckily, one of the single most effective marketing educations happens to be taking place as we speak and it’s completely free of charge. No, it’s not a class down at your local community college — it’s the 2016 presidential election. Everyday, people like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are putting on a veritable marketing master class that cannot be ignored.

Communication is Key, Find Your Voice

When you look at the success of current Republican front runner Donald Trump, the level of notoriety he’s been able to achieve thus far in the campaign should come as no surprise — the man clearly knows a thing or two about selling himself.

This likely has a lot to do with not only the fact that he’s an accomplished businessman in his own right, but also the fact that running for president and running a successful business are really founded on the same basic concept: it’s all about marketing.

From the beginning, Donald Trump has been in complete command of two things: playing to the strengths of what makes him unique and communicating those strengths to his target audience (in this case, the Republican base). He clearly identified a hole in the marketplace that needed to be filled. He’s centered all of his speeches thus far on not just the idea of “here is what I’m going to do,” but “here is what you want and here is why I’m the only guy who is capable of giving it to you.” This is an incredibly important distinction.

With that foundation to work from, Trump has set out to communicate his message far and wide. He’s direct, concise and to the point — but not at the expense of emotion. He’s speaking the language that the people who he’s targeting want to hear, not talking down to them. He’s cutting through the rhetoric and communicating core ideas in the most straightforward, effective ways possible.

This is exactly the type of approach you need to make when marketing your business, particularly if it’s a new one.

Say what you want about him — that he’s loud, he’s brash and more. But Trump is a man who has obviously taken a marketing class or two in his day.

Playing Up What Makes You Unique

On the other side of the aisle are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who are both teaching us a thing or two right now about marketing in a crowded environment.

These are two people who are playing to the same core audience of Democrats and who have both found an enormous amount of success up to this point. But how can this be, you ask? How can the party sustain two candidates who seem very similar in a lot of ways and who are both going after the same core group of people?

The answer, once again, is in the marketing.

Look at the way that Sanders and Clinton are marketing themselves. Each one is playing almost exclusively to what makes them unique and what they do or think or say that the other candidate doesn’t. Much like Trump, they’ve taken the standard marketing message of “here is what a Democrat does” and converted it into something much more specific.

This, too, is one of the keys to marketing your business. You have to find what makes you unique compared to your competitors, and then play to those strengths as much as possible. If you sell widgets, your marketing message can’t be “here are the reasons why you want to buy a widget.” It needs to be “here is why you want to buy one of MY widgets, because it does a number of great things that Company X’s widgets don’t do.”

By finding what makes you unique in your field and communicating it just as effectively as you communicate the product or service that you’re actually trying to sell, you will be able to find your audience and build loyalty and interest — regardless of how competitive the field actually is. Clinton and Sanders are proof positive of this.

This article was written by Leah Faul, Marketing Director for A leader in the faxing industry promoting productivity through technology for small businesses by erasing the fax machine and taking it to the cloud with the same trusted security offered by fax.


A discussion of the topic of marketing in the modern age and the tips and tricks that marketers in all industries can learn from the candidates in the 2016 presidential election.

Tips to keep you safe when buying online!

Buying online or online shopping has become relatively safe, that is if you compare the scenario now and that of a decade back. But to say that buying online has become impeccably safe and that there are no risks whatsoever is a little naïve. You can never be more cautious with most things these days and when it comes to activities that involve financial transactions, sharing personal details and ordering expensive items, you have to be safer and more proactive.

Tips to keep you safe when buying online

Here are a few tips to keep you safe when buying online.

  • You must always consider buying from major ecommerce websites. By many accounts, more than a thousand new websites are developed and hosted every hour across the world. A substantial chunk of those websites are ecommerce sites. Even if some websites are informative or educational and would not harp directly on sales, they too have an ecommerce section just to facilitate some sales and to generate some revenue. Not all ecommerce sites are credible. You need to know if the site is safe. Refer to popular opinion or feedback to trust such ecommerce sites. If a website has had a history of malpractice or compromising customers’ details, then you are better off staying away from those sites.
  • Do not blindly purchase anything even from the major ecommerce sites. If you have shopped on the likes of Amazon, then you know that the site too actually represents thousands of resellers or retailers. There are conventional retailers who have brick and mortar establishments. There are unconventional ones that simply indulge in trading of goods and don’t really have a base or a physical address. They simply operate online. Check the reviews of such sellers, the ratings and look for their websites. Make sure they are credible too.
  • Always read the privacy policy, exchange or return policy and the terms of service or conditions on the ecommerce site. Check if the store offers cheap courier services. If you are a resident of France and buying something from a store based anywhere in the country or outside, then you need to know exactly how, where and when you would have your parcel to France delivered. Read the fine print pertaining to exchange or return should you not like the product or if it is damaged due to some reason.
  • Check the payment gateway. It could be that of a bank or a system like PayPal or Verisign. If you don’t get a payment system that has been proven to be failsafe, don’t make purchases as you could be putting your credit cards, checking account, and secure information at risk.

Adhere to the actual OFCCP and steer clear of Employing Prejudice

Business man showing his empty pockets on white

Business people accustomed to employ individuals depending on when they understood all of them, when they loved all of them, or even when the candidate match a particular user profile. These days, you will find laws and regulations in position to ensure each and every candidate is actually provided the perfect opportunity in a work with no discriminatory elements actively playing a job towards all of them. Like a company, it’s upward you to definitely make sure you fulfill each and every Division associated with Work necessity, such as individuals from the OFCCP workplaces. In a nutshell, splendour can’t are likely involved inside your choice to employ anyone or even not really employ an individual. How could you adhere to this.

Do you know the Restrictions?

The majority of employing supervisors understand what these types of needs involve. In a nutshell, you can’t discriminate throughout the employing procedure by any means, such as depending on grow older, intercourse, faith, ethnicity, or even additional elements. Although individuals might state this particular doesn’t occur any more, they’d end up being incorrect. Based on the Equivalent Work Chance Fee, in between Oct associated with 2011 as well as Sept associated with 2012, a lot more than 100, 000 personal places of work confronted costs depending on non-compliance with one of these elements.

How come This Occur?

Even though individuals state they’re not really employing depending on discriminatory elements, in some instances, the issue continues to be existing. The issue might originate from the individuals values as well as unconscious biases regarding somebody. Elements such as elevation as well as pounds, additionally not really elements which should are likely involved inside a individuals capability to get the job done generally, frequently often impact the actual employing manager’s general viewpoint of individuals. They might not really recognize this really is occurring although. Which, by itself, is really a a worry element.

So what can Companies Perform About this?

You will find actions companies may take to ensure this kind of discriminatory employing exercise doesn’t enter their own place of work. Among the best methods to the issue is to create the first testing procedure as well as certification procedure within the employing procedure utilizing software program. For instance, using Candidate Monitoring Techniques (http: //newtonsoftware. com/products/) enables the actual company in order to bud via countless programs taking a look at crucial skills. Pc applications can’t inform in the event that somebody is actually 1 faith or even another or even in the event that anyone is actually of 1 competition or even another. This method guarantees the very best applicants for just about any task or even placement cope with towards the potential employer with regard to official selection interviews. This helps to ensure that businesses can discover as well as develop expertise within it’s finest type.

There is no question which big penalties go with businesses which bottom employing choices upon discriminatory elements. However, oftentimes, they are not really “on purpose” errors. To prevent all of them in your company, concentrate on software program.

Ways to Distribute Even more just by Determining Ones Prospective client

Ways to Distribute Even more just by Determining Ones Prospective clientHave you ever possessed that irritating connection with intending all through ones gross sales slideshow just to find out, correct afre the wedding, ‘I ought to examine the following using my own manager and accomplice and computer technician and accountant etc’?

It isn’t really any longer excitement to check on ‘I aren’t able to find the money for it’ as well, (although constantly you will find there’s process to accommodate the following just by structuring bills appropriately).

That antidote may be to ‘Qualify’ the chance. Precisely what imagine is usually studying with a beginning period whether or not the people you will be speaking with comes with what can be done to become fully-paid in place site visitor. Precisely what we should instead fully understand is usually, will do the affected individual enjoy the power to brew a investing in selection without the need of talking to some others; get people gained the cash together with precisely what is the effectiveness of attraction.

My own primary gross sales office manager conditioned people to help

‘Find available when this can be the Meters. Some sort of. And. no

: significance will do they have the funds and Power and Require? If you can not practice it, you will be environment one self in place for some some sort of letdown. A few case words feel free to use for this reason.

‘Mr Prospective client, will there ever be anybody inside your corporation I would end up commenting on the following using and considering really the only decision-maker? no

A few sales staff is a bit of distressing with this particular immediate issue. You can create the idea the feeling even more diplomatic if you happen to choose : ‘Mr Prospective client will there ever be anybody much more take inside the following dialogue? no

With regard to ‘Money’ you may inquire ‘Do you now have a cover the following? no Nevertheless the best way that’s quite often far better may be to claim, ‘Mr Prospective client, you might want to figure out what the following might charge, not surprisingly together with I most certainly will succeed that will available properly for your needs when May possibly sought after a few doubts and get a much better know-how about the needs you have. Nevertheless we could a few approach, work opportunities that him and i did this way, get ranged with charge with $XXXX to help $YYYY. Sow how does that will emerge people? no If you happen to see, ‘That’s with what As i has been expecting’, don’t feel concerned to help considerably in regards to charge opposition as soon as shutting down.

To determine ‘Need’, you may inquire, ‘If we could present you with things you require along with the charge is usually adequate, as soon as do you need to shop for? no

Measure up ones prospective customers, it’s going to save you sacrificed time period, increase ones shutting down percentage together with supply you with the experiencing with easy providing electrical power.

Considering A highly regarded Merchant? : 7 Obstructions to help To become Prime Jeweler : A part 1

Considering A highly regarded MerchantOne of the big motives that folks do not ever turn into a prime jeweler and prime more detailed is usually they will test way too hard . in the mistaken items. May well, for a terrific more detailed is not really precisely how several gross sales catalogs you’ve got commited to memory and the amount of gross sales trainings and workshops you’ve got joined in the fun. It can be approximately providing one self. Most people shop for people as much as they simply chose the product or service you will be providing.

Filter 1 : Sound Enjoy You will be Studying Some sort of Screenplay

That most detrimental offenders these are generally telemarketers. Several telemarketers get negative studying abilities together with tone that they’re just studying some sort of screenplay. Together with as a result of that will, a lot of people tend not to shop for. Since people “readers” tone which means that foot orthotics, several agencies get began to employ announced emails relating to the many other terminate in the sections. The idea holds profit along with the words above the telephone looks better plus more skilled. If you happen to examine some sort of screenplay, make sure that the idea looks that you will be which has a connection, in any other case you will never distribute everyone.

Filter two : Not necessarily Increasing Romantic relationship

It can be people dynamics to help need it with people you love and possess a superior experiencing approximately. Many sales staff hardly understand that therapy of folks together with set off upright for any sales without the need of warmup some sort of probable customer. If you can not take time to improve at least one hitting the ground with ones prospective client, you will not ever discover the sales : as they don’t that you more than enough to own with people. Fully understand the following, most people shop for people primary, along with the product or service minute. Tony adamowicz Robbins amounts the idea in place remarkably, “People enjoy most people enjoy independently. inch The best way to touch base may be to inquire doubts. The idea obtains most people conversing.

Filter 3 : Applying Gross sales Techniques Vs . Gross sales Process

Gross sales training companies which nevertheless employ gross sales catalogs with 30+ issue nevertheless coach gross sales tips together with techniques rather then gross sales process. Inside 21st millennium, that “Old School” words enjoy, “I may well get pleasure from that will Mrs. Jones” and “feel, seemed, found” hardly ever succeed now days since every one’s seen these some sort of thousand thousand circumstances. Some sort of prospect’s antenna right away comes up (and which means that complete their own defenses), notifying these that the sales page is usually forthcoming. Should you be applying aged gross sales techniques together with words, discover a way to help bring up to date these with regard to now. Gross sales is not really approximately wally side effects and rebuttals to help questions most people increase. It can be approximately for a competent audience together with applying adequate gross sales process.

Filter several : Choosing that Tight Too early

A few sales staff set off your money can buy and once we wish to telephone the idea “going for any jugular” too early. Most people might typically present you with symptomatic if it’s the proper time for you to use that tight. Practice it too early also, you associated risk alienating these together with dropping that sales. Perseverance is a vital. Permit these head people. Look closely at their own manner together with approach. Right after they calm down together with frustrated their own preserve, that’s the time for you to switch for any tight.

Constructing Require : Get it wrong To accomplish this Also, you Don’t have a Sales

Constructing RequireProperly constructing require is among the most car keys to help for a superior jeweler. So as to make sure that some sort of sales you might want to discover that consumer’s must have so as to generate that require for a product or service. Info, confirmation, recommendations, or anything else., generate require inside site visitor. For a superior jeweler you must discover things that purpose require in the certain site visitor.

Tend not to mistake require using require. Nobody must have ones product or service. For instance if your primary providing insurance coverage, see their own require is not really for a certain insurance coverage, Their own require ideal for insurance coverage typically, which means that you must create them require ones insurance coverage bundle. Exact same benefits providing vacuum cleaners, their own require is usually to find the dirt mites straight from the rugs, not necessarily for any pressure.

Properly determining some sort of clients must have can be a ought to to develop plenty of require. When determining their own require, show these precisely how ones product or service might plug that require. Better must have people plug, better require the shopper comes with for a product or service. It’s the main slice that bejeezers process.

Just about every basic fact people allow that will goes for the shopper, brings about require for a product or service. For instance, I might explain to the shopper that will my own pressure accumulates 98% in the dirt and grime. Truth be told most people require the maximum amount of dirt and grime using their own rugs as they can. The following basic fact produced increased require inside site visitor. An additional facts are that will dirt mites purpose health conditions which include; asthma blasts, allergen hypersensitivity, together with injuries that lung area. I might communicate to the shopper that will my own pressure would probably clear away most of the dirt mites on their rugs. Just by determining your requirement to take out that dirt mites, As i produced terrific require with regard to my own product or service.

Recommendations are a superb product with regard to constructing require. Explain to the shopper several short-term reviews approximately many other individuals who possessed financial success with all your product or service. To look at previously worked with regard to Kirby I might explain to the following account to help prospective customers:

Jeweler: I recall Microsoft. Anthony possessed virtually possessed the idea using rugs. Your lady preferred rugs, nevertheless your lady can’t always keep the idea since thoroughly clean since your lady wishes to. Your lady has been disposing of credit to help copy in place most of the rugs together with change the idea using real wood floors. The following would charge several a lot of money. As i exhibited the woman’s the slicer together with your lady lost control gets interested the idea. As i written to help the woman’s to never sometime ago together with your lady explained your lady really loves the slicer therefore rescued the woman’s with being required to use credit card debt to interchange the woman’s rugs.

Recommendations might generate require inside site visitor. Make sure they know that will some others use the idea together with experiencing financial success. A lot of people may not be innovators, they’re just supporters. They are going to just purchase your product or service should it be successful flourishing with regard to some others. You ought to be a great infomercial. Old clients are not in their home and relating to the telephone with all your possible client, which means that you must allow their own report for your kids.

There are actually signs litigant supplies for those who have produced more than enough require to enable them to shop for. So often they are going to inquire “How considerably will do the following charge again”. Constantly now As i slice my own sales pitch short-term together with use for any tight. Now their own attachments may be pounding and maybe they are wanting to shop for, even though As i mentioned previously, in the event the attachments are generally excessive inquire to own.

Financial success with Providing : Considering Succeed and Considering Enjoy May well Ascertain Ones Grades together with Love

Considering Succeed and Considering Enjoy May well Ascertain Ones Grades together with LoveTo your usual person, you will find there’s concrete change concerning succeed together with enjoy. Their own conception quite often is usually that will succeed is usually mundane, challenging, a needed nasty and another position with respect to having a good time.

Enjoy, in contrast is noted since excitement, convenient, thrilling, positive, entertaining together with no matter what many other pleasant emotional graphics you may conjure in place. For a occupation, the following unwraps in place a thrilling chance that a lot of little ones together with professionals in all of the farms have previously established. We should examine the idea.

To actually exploit the following process it can be good to can see this incontestable basic fact.

“A persons conception establishes their own personalized truth of the matter together with societal health and fitness ‘influences’ their own awareness. inch Take into consideration that will proclamation to get a minute. Take the idea with together with check out the idea mentally. Undoubtedly with samples of why.

Slightly infant spots their own papa dropping that garden together with wishes to allow thrust that lawnmower since it can be excitement. The baby can have several electrical power and will make an attempt to thrust sooner. Dropping that garden will still be excitement until such time as people explains to the baby that will dropping that garden is usually labor along with being some sort of job this is ending Papa with having a good time the game of golf until such time as your dog obtains their succeed executed. That children’s conception modifications. Err, which are the possibilities that the infant might look ahead to dropping that garden when you need it together with experiencing the idea since enjoy?

Slightly infant spots their own mummy cleansing that evening meal containers together with wishes to allow since the device seems like excitement. The baby might process the work which includes a look together with a huge amount electrical power until such time as Parents teaches cleansing containers for a job together with darn house-work that needs to be executed in advance of play. That children’s conception modifications together with cleansing containers is not a more time regarded as an issue to enjoy. It can be not any longer regarded as an issue to help get pleasure from and prized.

Does one read the trend nevertheless?

Skilled sports athletes, certainly the most effective of the greatest, consult precisely what people complete since ‘playing’ their own athletic. The majority might explain that will may be keep going ‘playing’ until such time as it isn’t really excitement any longer. They are going to explain it’s delightful gaining their own experiencing just by taking part in with an issue people really enjoy.

A lot of people, as soon as viewing a specialized basketball player applying with sizzling heating and inside putting weather would probably take into consideration precisely what people complete since challenging mundane succeed. The professionals inside any sort of sport activity wave off of their own soreness together with harm. People wave heli-copter flight longer streets excursions faraway from that conveniences with property together with friends and family. How come? Because they’re taking part in with precisely what people really enjoy, they also have excitement together with most are generally producing your fortune doing work.

They do not contemplate it to remain succeed to remain shunned. People never have invested in in the ethnic fabrication together with trained characterization that will succeed is usually wearisome, mundane, horrible together with challenging. They also have excitement, packed with love together with electrical power.

The same principal comes about using professionals holdings and liabilities discipline with people process. The idea comes about using professionals inside providing discipline on a daily basis. If you realise that you really examine your task since succeed, As i inspire people to choose the excitement portions of your task together with are going to switch profession examine items inside the idea. As soon as you complete, you certainly will shortly notice that things that people examine switch within a confident process. In the associated risk with sound being a Nike financial, “Just practice it! inch